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FNB Mortgage Loan Originators

Name of Mortgage Loan Originator (MLO) Unique Identifier Number
First National Bank of Fredericksburg Entity # 504872
Bicksler, Janice Doreen 763849
Brandt, Randy Lee 648675
Bush, Darryl Stuart 612481
Fisher, Ashley Nicole 1153399
Grigalonis, Lisa Anastasia 737104
Groff, Michael Rea 740390
Henne, Lisa Ann 619130
Leggat, David Scott 619117
Miele, Dawn Marie 612577
Myers, Shirley Ann 673314
Parobek, Debra Ann 619110
Parrott, Charles Norman 619143
Reed, Beth 1042698
Rodgers, Dora Lawson 1042687
Wenrich, Judy Ann 763839
Wentsler, Guy Frederick 612488
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