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Online Banking FAQs

What is Online Banking and the advantage of banking over the Internet?

Online Banking gives you the ability to transform your personal computer into a branch office of our financial institution. You will have full service access to your accounts in a completely secure environment. At home or office, you will be able to do everything from reviewing your balances to transferring funds; from paying bills to requesting stop payments; to reviewing your account statements.

If you are comfortable using your Internet Browser, you will be comfortable with this personal banking product. Internet Banking is a dynamic tool for financial management.

Online Banking allows 24 hour access for more timely account information and no more waiting for month end statements. You can pay bills and transfer funds between your First National Bank of Fredericksburg's accounts. You can verify deposits that have been credited to your account, ATM withdrawals, automatic payments and deposits, and other account activity, as well as view images of checks that have cleared your account..

What software and hardware do I need to do my banking on the Internet?

In addition to a computer, you will need: a modem (28.8kb or higher), an Internet Service Provider and an Internet Browser with 128-bit encryption, version 6.0 or higher. Both Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer are available with this feature. For the best view, set your screen resolution to 800 x 600 pixels.

Where do I get a User Access ID and Password for Online Banking?

If you are a First National Bank of Fredericksburg customer, initially your User Access ID and Password have been assigned by our Electronic Banking System. These numbers would be the same as those assigned for our Telebanc system. If you are unaware of these codes, please call 865-2123 and ask customer service for your personal access numbers. These codes are for your access only and need to be protected for security purposes by keeping the password confidential and not writing it down where another person can access it.

What do I do if I forget my Login ID and/or password?

To request a reminder of what your Login ID is or to request a new temporary password, please call Online Banking Support at 717-202-3961 or e-mail and we will be happy to assist you.

I keyed in the wrong password three times and now I can't get into Online Banking? What should I do?

For your protection, we have limited the number of unsuccessful login attempts to three (3). If you have exceeded your attempts, please call 717-202-3961 or e-mail to have your Online Banking password reset.

Can I use Quicken or Microsoft Money with Online Banking?

To export transactions into a personal finance application, click the "Export" link at the end of the transaction list. From the Export drop-down list box, select the appropriate file type from the following list:

  • Comma Separated File (.CSV)
  • Quicken Interchange Format (.QIF) Intuit Quicken
  • Open Financial Exchange (>OFX) Microsoft Money

Then Click the "Export" button to complete the process.

What accounts can I access using Online Banking?

You can access First National Bank of Fredericksburg checking accounts, money market deposit accounts, savings accounts, certificates of deposit, or view loan information.

On my accounts, what information will I be able to access?

From an account information window click "transactions" to review a list that includes the following headings:

  • Description. Identifies the type of transaction performed
  • Debit and Credit. Displayed individually enabling the calculation and display of a running balance.
  • Date. Identifies the date the transaction occurred.
  • Balance. Reflects the difference between the debit total and credit total of an account.
  • To display a presentation of your checking and savings transactions click the appropriate button:
  • Current Statement. Transactions that have occurred during the current statement cycle.
  • Previous Statement. Transactions that occurred during the last statement cycle.
  • Last Business Day. Transactions that occurred on the last business day.
  • Current Business Day. Transactions that have occurred as presentments on your account for the current day.
  • Current Year. Transactions that have occurred during the current calendar year.
  • Previous Year. Transactions that have occurred from the time the account was first opened. (Loans)
  • Date Last Interest. Transactions that have occurred before interest has been calculated.
  • Since Last Export. Transactions that have not been exported.

How do I view an Image of a check?

Click the Transaction button then from the "Check Number" column select the transaction you want to view a check image of and click it. This will display the front of the check. To view the back of the check, simply click the "View Back of Check" button. This image can be cut and pasted into Microsoft Word and printed if necessary.

Can I transfer funds through Online Banking?

Yes, funds can be transferred between accounts within our financial institution or to accounts at other financial institutions. To review your transfers, click the "Accounts" button, select the appropriate account, then click the "transfer" button. All transfers set up on your account are conveniently listed. The transfers are organized by "To Account", indicate the account number which is receiving the transfer.

How can I establish a transfer?

To establish a transfer, click the "Accounts" button then click on the account you want the scheduled transfer to come from and click the "Transfer" button. Transfers can occur either one time or on a recurring basis. For one time transfer click on the "Express Transfer" button for more information. For a recurring transfer click the "New Scheduled Transfer" button. After entering the required information, click the "Submit Transfer" button to complete the request and receive a confirmation number.

Is it possible to change an established transfer?

Yes, click on the "Accounts" button then click on the account that is scheduled to make the transfer. Click the "Transfers" button then select the transfer you want to change from the "To Account" column of the list provided. After changing the necessary option, click the "Update" button to complete your request.

Can I skip a scheduled transfer?

To skip a scheduled transfer, click the "Accounts" button then click on the account from your list of personal accounts. Click the "Transfer" button. From the established list of transfers click on the transfer you want to skip. Change the transfer amount to zero. Then click the "Update Transfer Information" button to complete your request. This will skip the current transfer. Reestablish the transfer amount prior to the next transfer.

How do I add a payment?

To add a payment, click the "Accounts" button then click on the account you want the payment to come from and click the "Payments" button. Click the "Setup New Payment" button. Enter the following information:

  • The Payee. This is the name of the individual or company receiving payment.
  • The Address and City of the individual or company
  • The State and Zip Code
  • The Phone Number of the individual or company
  • The Contact Name is the name of the individual or contact at the company (optional)

Click the "Next" Button to continue the Add a Payment procedure. Enter the following information:

  • The Amount
  • The Date of the First Payment
  • The Frequency is used to determine how often the payment will be distributed
  • The Number of Remaining Payments (optional)
  • The Description is an explanation of the payment

The Account Number is the account number assigned to you by the individual or company who is receiving the payment. The account number accompanies the payment to ensure that the individual or company credits the appropriate account.

*** Complete the procedure by clicking the "Add Payment" button.

Am I able to change a payment?

Change a scheduled payment by clicking the "Payments" button and clicking on the specific payee you wish to change. Modify any of the following information:

  • Change the payment amount
  • Change the payment Date
  • Change the Frequency by selecting another frequency from the drop-down list
  • Change the Number of Remaining Payments
  • Change the description
  • Change the Account Number with payee

Click the "Update Payment Information" button to complete the request

Can I change the address of a vendor or delete a payment?

Currently in order to change an address or delete a payment, you are required to notify the bank by telephone or e-mail and we will make the changes for you.


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