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Bank by Phone

First National Bank of Fredericksburg offers the most complete telephone banking system of its kind in the area.

From a touchtone phone, anyone can get information on:

  • Current interest rates for deposit or loan options.
  • Future value of deposit options.
  • Loan calculations - to know the payment amount before you borrow money.

Only First National Bank of Fredericksburg customers can sign up for and have constant access to these additional services:

  • Account balances for checking, savings, certificate of Deposits, and lines of credit.
  • The 10 most recent checking or savings deposits, withdrawals or other transactions.
  • Date and amount of a recent transaction.
  • Transfer funds between checking and savings accounts.
  • Amount of interest earned on any FNB account.
  • Make FNB loan payments

Customers continue to receive monthly statements for checking and savings accounts.

"How can I access Bank by Phone?"

Bank by Phone is a fast and easy way to access your account in the privacy of your home, office, car or anywhere.

  • To access information on current interest rates for savings and loan options, just dial (717) 865-6141 and press "2" for Deposit and Loan Options. Then, follow the instructions. You will always have access to the latest rates.
  • Investment and loan calculations are also at your fingertips. Press "3" and follow the directions. You will get information on the future value of an investment or a loan payment over a specific length of time.

"What are my banking options?"

When calling (717) 865-6141 for information, you will hear the following menu:

  • Press 0 - To speak to a customer service representative.
  • Press 1 - For account information.
  • Press 2 - For deposit and loan rates.
  • Press 3 - For investment and loan calculations.
  • Press 4 - For check verification.
  • Press 5 - To leave a message or for miscellaneous information ( FNB Locations, business hours, current events, etc. ) Select the Options and follow the directions.
  • Press 9 - To return to the main menu

FNB customers will be required to enter their PIN number to access information from any account. The account numbers will also need to be keyed in, so you'll need to have them handy when banking by phone. You may change your PIN number at any time within the Bank by Phone system. This is an important option, especially if you are concerned that someone may know your PIN.

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